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Welcome To Pictish•Pagan's @BePictish.Net!

Greetings, Merri Meet, Hail and Well Met~

For those that Think I commited Copyright are wrong and never have been more wrong. I am on a WebTV, It is not a Computer. We do not have "photocopier's" we use this: The Freeloader which is web-based. I did not re-publish anyone's work, I never have and I never will...

This is a pictish Witchcraft site, otherwise known as Pecti-Witta and that it shall remain. If you are a Pecti-Wittan witch whom think's he or she is better than what this site entails, get the hell off the site and don't come back.. This is Both a Tuatha and Pictish Site. We will hear no theories on did the picts "really do this or that"? I will produce to you My views as I experience them. I am Morrigan Stormraven, I am angry definant solitary pagan bitch, I am very crude and uncouth, and that's the way I like it. That's what Pecti-wiita is, knowing you La Natural In Nature, and being the fierce Fucker you are. I am a warrior, and you must be too, if you claim to be a pecti-wittan not because you are a hopping to and fro wicca bunny.

I have been getting alot of mail from people, asking me For pagan Occult Shop's in scotland, from the way it was asked it sounds like these people think I am In Scotland. I am not In Scotland, but I wish I were. I live In The State's. (USA)

If You wish To Search The Web For Supplies Check out: Llewellyn Online and Or AvatarSearch For Other Occult Stores Online. Welcome To Pictish•Pagan's, Or As It is also Known, BePictish.Net! I am Pictish Myself, by my Surname, "Pitts" Which is Gaelic, It mean's "Son's and Daughter's Of Pict's", as well as "People Of The Hollow". Given the Variety for Name's Of The Pict's, My Surname is Either Early Or Late Irish Gaelic. (Alot of Form's Of Gaelic). I have Traced It To Early 16th Century, but The Pict's were In Ireland and Alba Long Before That.
Many have never heard of the Pict's, and most Historian's assume That The Culture has been asorbed and wiped out. Many pagan's also have never Heard Of My Ancestral Beserker's. Well, All That Stop's Now. They were gallant, They had their own form of WitchCraft, and Were Heathen-Pagan.

My Craft Name is Morrigan StormRaven, and My Patron Is The Morrigan/Morrigu, and Her many Counterpart's as she is known by Many Name's. I am A 22, almost 23, Solitary Celtic Dark Pictish Pagan WebMistress, and I Run CairnNet new's a Pagan/Dark Pagan E-zine, and Stormraven Circle, Which Is A Discussion List Of Like Minded Pagan's Interested In Webweaving and Networking. It is Not a Cyber Coven Or a Coven AT ALL at This Time.

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