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Cruithne: Not what They called themselves, nor what they should be called!

Cruithne is a name alot of people call the Picts. But That's not right, neither is Prythin, or Pretani. Both, Prythin/Pretani are names other's called them. Even "picts" are considered somewhat iffy because the Romans Gave them that name, because Picts, comes from "pictus" meaning painted, because the picts, drew on themselves.

The Correct word for what they were I believe is just as My surname Implies, PITTS. It means "pictish people of the hollow, well, hole, or pit" PIT in Celtic gaelic however refers to "portion or share of". Pitts has also been termed as "sons and daughters of picts".

Cruithne was a Man, a Pict, He was the Son Of Cinge, and Cruithne and his Seven son's, Gave the 7 Provinces of Pictland Their Names.

This Is Fact because there is a Rhyme that goes with the legend over on The Picts Site at Holyrood. Pictish Links

"Seven sons of Cruithne then,
Into seven divided Alban,
Cait, Ce, Cirig, a warlike clan,
Fib, Fidach, Fotla, Fortrenn."  

Not a Bad Rhyme..*grin*

Now There is some debate Over If The Picts In Both PIctland and Ireland are related, well yes, they are. I have read they are not, because The Ones in Pictland were considered *cruithne and the ones in Ireland were not and "should never be called such".

Ok, for one point, They all came To Ireland Together, they ALL settled on the NorthEast Coast of Ireland for a while, Part of them went to Pictland, The Others stayed In Ireland. (Ulster)

What Links Cinge, cruithne and his seven sons to The Picts In Ireland Is The Fact That Fionn Mac cumhal Was Considered Pictish, and He was The Leader of The Fianna and The Red Branch In Ulster, Ireland. The Page that I read about them not being *cruithne* is the Fact That People call them Cruithne, which as stated above in the Quoted Rhyme Is Not who they were, But whom Their Founding Forefather of Pictland, Was.