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•A Little History•

A Little History On The Pict's, How they came to be in pictland, how they worshipped, How they were thought to Tatoo themselves, and why, Their Craft Pecti-Witta and More.

Berserking Warrior's-
They were Invaded By Viking's and Roman's of which they fought back. They were also invaded By Scot's which became a Bloody Battle, tension's that can still be found even this day. But, what many people do not know is, The pict's, the irish and The scot's are all that: KIN. Whether they would admit too it or not. This is how.

The Beginning-
The Tuatha De Dannan came to The Island of Eire (Old name of Ireland) And settled there, beating the fir bolg's and the formorian's and a whole lot of other's. (heh.) They were a mystical race who Knew much of magick, and some wonder if they are just myth, or legend or if they were actually Real people. I gather they were real People, Since once Upon an Age I was A Tuatha De Dannan. (Reincarnation).

The Son's Of Mil Then Came To Ireland, and defeated the Tuatha De dannan After some time. The Tuatha were said to be of the Ever-Young, They did not age, nor could sickness or death Touch them Unless they were Killed In Battle, only then could they die. They Drove most of the Tuatha Underground, which is Methaphoricly Speaking. They drove Their ways of life Underground, as Christianity started filtering into Ireland. It it said "they drove the tuatha underground, where they lived in the hollow hill's (sidh's)." However they drove their faery Magick and Religion into The "Earth", where The Tuatha That remained still worshipped Their Pagan Root's In Secrecy.

The Son's Of Mil are known as The Irish and The Scot's Today. For The Surname's Of Mc, Mac and O' Indicate, a Milesean, as They have come too be known.

It is then speculated That The Pict's Sailed To Ireland Then, where They accepted the Culture, and Learnt The Language (Form's of Gaelic) and Lived there for some time, So For a While They were Considered IRISH. or Cruithne, as they is the word for Pictish Culture In Ireland.

They lived there for some time, [On The Northeast Coast..yes That's Right, Where Ulster Is] and Then Intermarried with the widow's (crone's goddesses and other's) whose husband's had been killed in war, and migrated to The Highland's Of Alba. Although some may have settled in the Lowland's as well as the word for 'Pict' In Lowland Gaelic/Scot is "Pect/Pecti".

Timeline Reminder-
Let us also Take into Consideration That WE are still in a B.C. Timeline and Britain and or England Had Not been "founded". Pictland to The Pict's extended well into England and They may have been the People who Built Stonehenge, for They were artist's, and Have Created alot of Megalithic Structure's In Scotland, Cairn's and Dolmen's, Ring's and More.

The Scot's Then In Late B.C.-Early A.D. Started to Invade Pictland, As We Know The Pict's and Scot's where there before the English Started to Invade Scotland/Pictland. At First there was alot of war and bloodyshed and conquering, allthough The Pict's and Scot's are alot alike in tempermant and Culture and Religion. The Pict's were enventually betrayed by Kenneth MacApplin [His mother was A pictish Princess, and Pictish Royalty went through The Mother's In Her Son's or Brother's Would Be Heir To The Throne] who became King Of Pict's and Scot's, who slayed the pict's in an event of getting them drunk then Impaling them under the sitting benches they sat on. [Maybe That's why I do not drink!]. Pictland then fell as a Name, as the Scot's Intermarried with The Pict's and Pictish Culture intermixed with Scottish Culture, language and religion.

Christianity and Paganism Interweave-
Christianity also intermixed with Pagan Custom's and Most likely is still present in that form in Ireland and Scotland Today. That is when Christianity overtook several Pagan Holiday's (Christmas/Yule, Easter/Ostara, Old Halloween/Samhain On Nov. 11th Called "MartinMas" Imbolgc/St. Brigid's Day -Feb. 2nd, and More.

They also Took several Symbol's The Trisicus/Triskele and is now found as a relation to (jesus, God and The Holy trinity) and is found On Gideon Bible's. But originally and still, The Triskele, with it's celtic interwoven Three Point's Represent The Triple Goddess, and It's Three Aspect's Maiden, Mother and Crone.
The Celtic Cross, which is thought To represent Christianity, But Is Not. The Celtic Cross was originally erected at Gravesite's as Gravestone's. The Cross itself represented Longitude and latitude of the Astral and Physical Plane's of Existance. Where They Met represented The Veil between world's and The Gateway to the Otherrealm/world/summerland/heaven. The circle Encompassing the Meeting point and Cross represent's The Belief in the wheel of The year, and reincarnation, and being reborn.

It was believed then that as the body was buried the soul remained in the body Until the Celtic Cross was laid over or erected at the gravesite, and it was believed the astral spirit of the body would travel within the Celtic Cross as They believed rock was a Living Thing, and Sacred to The Earth and The Dead, and that the spirit would travel too the gateway within the Cross and That it would then crossover to The Otherealm. This comes from The belief that several graveslab's of carved celtic crosses in cave's in France are believed to be haunted and still contain such Spirits.

More Pictish Name's, Their Craft, And How They tatooed themselves and why:

Many call them Pretani, Picts, Pechs, Pects, Cruithne, Prythin, and many more names. They are closely related to the caledonii Tradition in scottish witchcraft as Caledonia was another name for ancient scotland. I believe and speculate That the Caledonii Trad is Related To Pictish Witchcraft, "Pecti-Witta", as The Pict's mainly were Solitary and The Caledonii Trad also known as The Hecatine Tradition Was More Ritually a Coven/Tribe Thing.

Basically pecti-witta focused on oneself tuning into Nature, Gem's, Rock's, Animal's, Plant's/Herb's and War. The Pict's were excellent woodsmen (and woodswomen hehe) As Were The Scot's and The Caledonii Trad. Caledonia is the Roman Word for Pictland/Scotland. Perhap's The Caledonii Trad Came about After The Pict's and Scottish Invasion and War after the Culture Had Mixed. So It is a Belief of Both Mixture of Pict's and scot's as today caledonni trad is mainly known as a scottish based trad.

Pecti-Wittan's Or Pict's Did not perform Magick so much as They were Pagan. They were crude warrior's but we know since the intermarried the Tuatha That They had some form of Religion as The Tuatha Did In Ireland. They were and still are known as The Beserking Fierce Warrior's Of Old.
They also tatooed Themselves, Other pict site's Say They Tatooed Themselves With Needles and used Woad. Let us Think a Minute, When Was The Needle Invented? Not Early Enough So That These Early warring Pict's Tatooed Themselves. When One went into Battle, One wanted to Be Fierce looking, too scare the bejesus out of the enemy, what better way than To smear woad and mud and Perhap's Blood as well on you, scream like a pagan child and grab some sharp bit and start running? *grin*
Most likely, woad is a lasting ingredient, Me think's since it was also a Dye To Dye Clothing with, On The skin when it was Smeared It did not come Off, Till It wore off. There is also speculation that Woad has Hallugenic Properties (High Berserker, Bad Beserker), and A High Pict Is A Angry, Crazy Pict [trust me!] and That also It burns the skin. So I am Suggesting They Painted themselves with woad as an Act of Going into War, as Warrior's which was also a Part Of Their Craft. They may Have used the Bit's Of daggers To (which is needle-like) To Craft The Design's On the side as they liked.

Berserker- One who Rages during Battle, seeming going Crazy with Rage too the point of Psycho Madness. 2k Translation: "Big Bad MotherFucker You Do NOT want to Mess with". Hehe. Ok Glad were clear On That.

They did practice a more solitary path with little ritual. Meaning everything too them was sacred, even death, even war, even blood sacrifice and Victory. They may have been the first shamanic path, and may have had animal totem's as the animal's they hunted were also of sacredness too them, as they hunted it and ate it believe as they ate the animal it's spirit mixed with their spirit. Little ritual refer's too at sabbat's or day's of celebration, They did not cast the circle as today's Neo-Pagan's do, nor have a formal time, and such.

Blood Sacrificing-
Another root why One was called Pagan, and what Escapes Neo Paganism (modern Paganism) and Wicca Today, as Vengance Too Certain Folk, who get their Kilt's in a bind whenever confronted with such people who practice such a Path, aka Dark Paganism, The Pict's and all warrior Path's Of This early age, When One was in battle and One Killed their Enemy, one Took Their Head and One took Their Body, let the blood out of It, and Either Drank It, Or Bathed In It. It was Done as an Act of Victory, Not *vampyricly*. To Drink one's Lifeforce was too absorb their Soul. It was also In Honor to The Fallen warrior That said "even though slain, and my enemy You are worthy enough to be honored in such that is my law and way."

The Body was Then took, and dismembered, and or buried, or Burnt If dismembered Part's of Body was sent back too their home as a Warning. [braveheart movie-ish] Speaking of Braveheart, At The timeline in the movie and [yes I have read how braveheart was Inaccurate], The Pict's were Then alighed With The Scot's To Raid The English who Had Built the Antotine and Hadrian wall. They Rallied again and on several Time's Overtook The Antotine, and Part of The Hadrian.

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