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What The Heck is BePictish.Net About? is about a plethora of things, namely the picts, i wanted a pictish website just like everybody else. And why is that you say? Well, Unlike those other pictish sites, I am actually Related through surname and bloodline to the Picts. My Surname is Pitts, and I am From Griffin, Ga. In The United States.

What are the picts?

You Have a lot of questions! The picts, or "cruithne" were warrior pagan people in what is now scotland, which was then Alba, or Caledonia or Pictland, which was named for the people who painted themselves, picts, come from Pictus meaning painted, but not only did they paint themselves in battle, but they were known as people of the Designs, because they tatooed themselves with Woad Ink.
The Romans saught to Invade them, but they fought them off, and allthough the scots invaded them..(which i bare no grudge to this because the scots were a beautiful warrior people themselves!) and all though the english did Invade both above formentioned parties and through most of it the Picts and and Scots stuck together, the Scots did finally win againest England as well.

They (the Picts) were and ARE a Brave People. At Least..I'd like to think I am Brave. I know I am Strong and I have a Fiery Temper. (blessed Be!) Once i saw my temper as something to be ashamed off but now I Hold pride too it. I know when to push forward and when to fall back because of it. It's kept me alive as well in the face of danger and Uncertainty.

Most people who have (Pit/Pitt) In their surname have Pictish blood in them. Most don't know this Either. If there are any Pit/Pitt/ people outthere that do know your heritage i would love to hear from you about it.

As I stated I am From Griffin, Georgia In Spaulding County in the USA. I am 22 years old and I am a Pagan WebMistress. Alot of pages i have will be on my links page. used to be at My MetEmpress PageBuilder accoutn on webtv, but I got bombed. People don't understand that Bombing my web account doesn't put a dent in my stride. I am as Tough as Nails. This is a picture of me Warning, Big Pic

I like Dark Thing's..Dark meaning attitude and movies and music and Tv Shows. I have a Boyfriend at this time as well. *smiles* Though he's not my boyfriend, he's My Soulmate..(Hey Chris!)

I love webpage design..i am into it big time now! I am thinking about starting my own design business site, if i do the link will appear on the front. I will offer to do webpages for webtv-ians and comp-ians and or Graphics and Banner's for a small fee. *grin* It is a business after all! But I do good work, and when i have a job to do i am dedicated too it. As I said, I am Pagan, and You can learn about that At: Tuatha-Witch. Net

I love Music..I love rock and alternative..metallica, godsmack,hole, NIN, nickelback, perfect circle, Ozzy, Alice In Chains, Classical, some country..and I like celtic (duh)..yesh that riverdance stuff *lol*

TV: buffy The Vampire slayer, Angel, Roswell, Dawson's Creek, Felecity..Charmed. If It's On the WB I probally Like it. I Like the News, and dateline, and 20/20, and I Like Jay Leno, VIP, and I watch Football and Baseball every once in a while.

Movies: Braveheart (a duh lol) StarWars (the old ones), dragonheart, interview with the vampire, dracula (1993), man in the iron mask, anything Vampyric and medieval basically.

Turn Offs: Drugs and Alcohol, smoking, Christians *lol*